Types of Trophies

Different Trophy TypesThe most generic form of a trophy is a cup. However, new trophy designs continue to come about as the times change.

Here is some info on new types of trophies:

Column trophies are basically consist of a cylindrical shaped piece with some sort of figure on top. These are very versatile as they can feature any number of columns. In addition, these columns are stackable, making column trophy configuration possibilities endless!

Sculpture Trophies are usually made out resin (different than the classic plastic trophies). These are often smaller in size but weigh a bit more as the material is heavier. These are available in a variety of shapes, often depicting a sport ball or athlete.

Insert Trophies are made in a myriad of styles and perfect for any sport or activity, as the insert that is placed onto the trophy is completely customizable. These inserts can feature sport team names or generic sport artwork.